Sabeynu – Vetaher Libeynu traditional

Sabeynu – Vetaher Libeynu traditional

Here is a nign, a spiritual melody – to really let it lift you, sing this song for a long, long time. Songs like “Az Der Rebe Tantst” and “Der Rebe Elimeylekh” poke gentle fun at the Hasidic stream of Judaism. “Sabeynu” comes directly from the Hasidic tradition, and lives on both within and beyond Hasidic communities. This Shabbat prayer is in Hebrew as pronounced by Yiddish speakers. The melody, and the addition of the endearments to God as Father, come from the Breslov tradition. Some scholars attribute the melody to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov himself.

Source: Azameir BiSh’vochin — The Breslov Songbook, Volume 1 Breslov Research Institute

Sabeynu, sabeynu                       Satisfy us

Sabeynu mituvekho                     With Your goodness

Vesamakh nafsheynu                  Make our souls happy

Bishuosekho                               With Your saving power

Vetaher libeynu, tate                   Make our hearts clear, Papa

Vetaher libeynu, foter                 Make our hearts clear, Father

Vetaher libeynu                          Make our hearts clear

Le-ovdekho be-emes                 To serve You in truth