Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen


Unter Dem Kind’s Vigele one variant of a common traditional song


Unter dem kind’s vigele                            Under the child’s little cradle

Shteyt a klor vays tsigele                          Stands a bright white little goat

Dos tsigele iz geforn handlen                   The little goat is going to deal in

Rozhinkes mit mandlen                             Raisins and almonds

Rozhinkes mit mandlen iz zeyer zis        Raisins and almonds are very sweet

Mayn kind vet zayn gezunt un frish          My child will be healthy and lively


Gezunt iz di beste skhoyre                     Health is the best merchandise

Mayn kind vet lernen Toyre        My child will study Torah (sacred teachings)

Toyre vet er lernen                      Torah he will study

Sforim vet er shraybn                   Holy books he will write

A guter un a frumer                    A good person and an observant Jew

Vet er – m’irtsashem – blaybn           Will he – if God permits – remain


Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen by Abraham Goldfaden

A song from the operetta Shulamis based on the folk lullaby


In dem beys hamikdash                                     In the synagogue

In a vinkl kheyder                               In a corner of the room

Zitst di almone, Bas Tsiyon, aleyn         Sits the widow, Daughter Zion, alone

Ir ben yokhidl, Yidele                            Her little only son, Yidele (little Jew)

Vigt zi keseyder                                   She rocks as usual

Un zingt im tsum shlofn                         And sings him to sleep with

A lidele sheyn                                          A lovely little song

Ay lyu lyu lyu lyu lyu lyu


Unter Yidele’s vigele                            Under Yidele’s little cradle

Shteyt a klor vays tsigele                    Stands a bright white little goat

Dos tsigele iz geforn handlen               The little goat has gone to trade

Dos vet zayn dayn baruf                       That will be your calling

Rozhinkes mit mandlen                       Raisins and almonds

Shlof zhe, Yidele, shlof                            Sleep, Yidele, sleep