Oyfn Pripitshik — Listen!

Oyfn Pripetshik In the Woodstove Burns a Little Fire by Mark Warshawksy

In this song, rebe refers to a humble teacher of young children. For over 100 years, the song has conjured up a picture of little boys restless and warm by the woodstove as their teacher patiently drills them in the Hebrew alphabet.

Zet zhe kinderlekh, gedenkt zhe tayere

See now, children,  remember, dear ones

Vos ir lernt do

What you learn here

Zogt zhe nokh amol un take nokh amol

Say it one more time and even one more time

Komets-alef “o”

Aleph with a komets vowel — “o”

When you are adults and dem goles shlepn, carrying the burden of exile, draw strength from the letters, look deeply into them.

Oyfn Pripetshik