Mayn Yidishe Meydele/Miami Beach Rhumba

Mayn Yidishe Meydele/Miami Beach Rhumba

Mayn Yidishe Meydele My Yidishe Girl by Sholom Secunda and Anshel Schorr

“Mayn Yidishe Meydele” is the title song of a 2nd Avenue musical from the 20’s. Yiddish audiences loved a good tango.

My Yidishe girl, she’s so lovely, with her Yidishe charm. Hair of gold, teeth like pearls; you can search other nations by the millions, you’ll never find a girl with that Yidishe charm.

Mayn Yidishe Meydele       My Yidishe Girl                       Shalom Secunda, Anshel Schorr

Mayn yidishe meydele          My yidishe girl

Zi iz azoy sheyn                    She is so lovely

Mayn yidishe meydele             My yidishe girl

Mit ir yidishn kheyn              With her yidishe charm

Fun gold ire herelekh             Her hair of gold

Di tseyner vi perelekh             Teeth like pearls

Nor a yidishe meydl                Only a yidishe girl

Ken zayn azoy sheyn               Can be so beautiful

Ir vet far milyonen                    You will for millions

Bay andere natsyonen                In other nations

Nit gefinen a meydl                  Never find a girl

Mit a yidishn kheyn                    With such yidishe charm   

Miami Beach Rhumba by Irving Fields

I’ve paired “Mayn Yidishe Meydele” with a Latin number from the 40’s, “Miami Beach Rhumba”.  John plays guest percussion.

We transliterated the Yiddish lyrics from Seymour Rexite’s recording on YouTube.  I’d love some feedback about this song — contact me at  I have not yet found out who wrote the Yiddish lyrics.  I welcome any corrections (or alternative speculations) to our version of the words.

Trivia: “When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on His Tuba” was a hit for Rudy Vallee in 1931.

Gevolt hob ikh forn gor keyn Cuba                     I really wanted to go to Cuba

Bin ikh in Miami Beach geven                              I stopped off in Miami Beach

Un dos iz gor nit vayt fun Cuba                          And that’s really not that far from Cuba

Di rhumba, oy tantst men dort sheyn                 The rhumba, oh, they dance it there so well

Senoritas kheynevdik un rundik                           Senoritas, charming and zaftig

Efsher vel ikh blaybn do a vayl                             Maybe I’ll stay here a while

Dakht zikh s’iz gornit azoy zindik                        Seems to me it’s no sin

Tsu dreyen zikh in mainland in style                    To hang around the mainland in style

Nu, bin ikh nit geven in Cuba                               So I didn’t go to Cuba

In di atmosfer es git a prakht                               Such splendid atmosphere!

Afile Yuba mit zayn tuba                                      Even Yuba with his tuba

Hobn oykh do farbrakht                                       Spent time here

Ikh leyg op Havana far manana                             I’ll leave Havana for manana

Vayl mir gefelt Miami Beach                                  Because I like Miami Beach

Getanst dem rhumba vi in old Havana                  I danced the rhumba like in old Havana,

Hob ikh do in Miami Beach                                   Here in Miami Beach