Mayn Yidishe Mame A Yiddishe Momme

Mayn Yidishe Mame     A Yiddishe Momme    Lew Pollack and Jack Yellen

Ikh vil bay aykh a kashe fregn

Zogt mir ver es ken

Mit vifl tayere farmegns

Bentsht got alemen

Men koyft dos nit far keyne gelt

Dos krigt men nor umzist

Un dokh az men farlirt dos, oy

Vi trern men fargist

A tsveytn geit men keynem nit

Es helft nisht keyn geveyn

Oy-oy, ver es hot farloyrn

Der veys shoyn vos ikh meyn

A yidishe mame

Nishto keyn beser in der velt

A yidishe mama

Oy vey, siz biter ven zi felt

Vi sheyn un likhtik s’iz in hoys

Ven di mame’z do

Vi troyerik, finster s’vert

Ven got nemt ir oyf oylom-habo

Durkh vaser un fayer

Volt zi gelofn far ir kind

Nisht haltn ir tayer

Dos iz gevis di greste zind

Oy, vi glikhlekh un raykh

Iz der mentsh vos hot

Aza tayere matone geshenkt fun got

Vi an altitshke yidishe mame

Mame, oy mame mayn

I would like to ask you a question

Tell me whoever can

With which dear possession

Does God bless everyone

You can’t buy this for any money

You receive this undeserved

And when you lose this, oy

How many tears you pour out

No one gets a second one

No outcry will help

Oy-oy the one who has lost this

That one knows what I mean

A Jewish mama

None better in the world

A Jewish mama

Oh, woe, it’s bitter when she’s lacking

How lovely and bright it is in the house

When Mama is there

How sad and dark it becomes

When God takes her to the world to come

Through water and fire

She will run for her child

Not to hold her dear,

That is for certain the greatest sin

Oh, how fortunate and rich

Is the person who has

Such a dear gift given by God

As an old-fashioned Jewish mama

Mama, oh Mama of mine