Kinder-Yorn Childhood Years

Kinder-yorn  Childhood Years  Mordekhai Gebirtig

Kinder-yorn, zise kinder-yorn

Eybik blaybt ir vakh in mayn zikorn;

Ven ikh trakht fun ayer tsayt,

Vert mir azoy bang un leyd (layd)

Oy, vi shnel bin ikh shoyn alt gevorn.

Nokh shteyt mir dos shtibl far di oygn,

Vu ikh bin geboyrn, oyfgetsoygn,

Oykh mayn vigl, ze ikh dort,

Shteyt nokh oyf dem zelbn ort —

Vi a kholem iz dos alts farfloygn.

Un mayn mame, akh, vi kh’fleg zi libn,

Khotsh zi hot in kheyder mikh getribn;

Yeder knip iz fun ir hant

Mir nokh azoy gut bakant —

Khotsh keyn tseykhn iz mir nisht farblibn.

Nokh ze ikh dikh, Feygele, du sheyne,

Nokh kush ikh di royte beklekh dayne,

Dayne oygn ful mit kheyn

Dringen in mayn harts arayn,

Kh’hob gemeynt, du vest a mol zayn mayne.

Kinder-yorn, yunge sheyne blumen!

Ts’rik tsu mir vet ir shoyn mer nisht kumen;

Yorn alte, troyerike,

Kalte, more-shkhoyredike,

Hobn ayer sheynem plats farnumen.

Kinder-yorn, kh’hob aykh ongevoyrn

Mayn getraye mamen oykh farloyrn,

Fun der shtub nishto keyn flek,

Feygele iz oykh avek,

Oy, vi shnel bin ikh shoyn alt gevorn.

Childhood years, sweet childhood years

Forever will you stay awake in my memory

When I think of your time

I become so regretful and grieving

Oh, how quickly I’ve become old

Next the little house stands before my eyes,

Where I was born and raised,

Also my cradle, I see it there,

It still stands in the same place

Like a dream this has all flown away.

And my Mama, ah, how I used to love her,

Even though she pushed me to Hebrew school

Every pinch from her hand

Is still familiar to me —

Even though no marks have stayed on me

Next I see you, Feygele, you lovely one

Next I kiss your red cheeks

Your eyes, filled with charm

Penetrate my heart

I had thought you would some day be mine.

Childhood years, young, lovely flowers

You will never return to me.

Old years, sad

Cold, mournful

Have taken your lovely place.

Childhood years, I have lost you

My faithful mother is also lost

No trace remains of the house

Feygele is also gone

Oh, how quickly I’ve become old.