Der Rebe Elimeylekh by Moshe Nadir

Der Rebe Elimeylekh text and music Moshe Nadir

Az der Rebe Elimeylekh                                 When the Rebbe Elimeylekh

Iz gevorn zeyer freylekh                                Became very merry

Iz gevorn zeyer freylekh Elimeylekh

Hot er oys-geton di tfiln                                He took off his tefillin

Un hot on-geton di briln                               And put on his glasses

Un ge-shikt nokh di fidlers di tsvey               And sent for his fiddlers two

Un di fidl-dike fidlers                                    And the fiddle-y fiddlers

Hobn fidl-dik ge-fidlt                                    Fiddle-ly fiddled

Hobn fidl-dik ge-fidlt, hobn zey X 2

Un az der Rebe Elimeylekh                           And when the Rebbe Elimeylekh

Iz gevorn nokh mer freylekh                        Became even more merry

Iz gevorn nokh mer freylekh, Elimeylekh

Hot er op-ge-makht havdole                       He made havdalah prayers after Shabbat

Mitn shames Reb Naftole                              With his assistant Reb Naftole

Un ge-shikt nokh di payklers di tsvey          And sent for his drummers two

Un di paykl-dike payklers                            And the drum-y drummers

Hobn paykl-dik ge-payklt                            Drum-ly drummed

Hobn paykl-dik ge-payklt, hobn zey X 2

Un az der Rebe Elimeylekh                           And when the Rebbe Elimeylekh

Iz gevorn gor shtark freylekh!                       Became powerfully merry

Iz gevorn gor shtark freylekh, Elimeylekh

Hot er oys-geton dos kitl                              He took off his kittel, his white robe

Un hot on-geton dos hitl                              And put on his hat

Un ge-shikt nokh                                         And sent for

             di tsimblers di tsvey                                  his hammered dulcimer players two

Un di tsimbl-dike tsimblers                          And the dulcimer-y dulcimerists

Hobn tsimbl-dik ge-tsimblt                          Dulcimer-lu dulcimered

Hobn tsimbl-dik ge-tsimblt hobn zey X 2

Un di paykl-dike tsimblers                  And the drum-y dulcimerists

Hobn tsimbl-dik ge-fidlt                     Dulcimer-ly fiddled

Hobn fidl-dik ge-payklt hobn zey       Fiddle-ly drummed did they

Un di tsimbl-dike payklers                  And the dulcimer-y drummers

Hobn paykl-dik ge-fidlt                      Drum-ly fiddled

Hobn fidl-dik ge-tsimblt hobn zey!     Fiddle-y dulcimered did they!