Der Bekher The Wine Cup by Mark Warshawski

Der Bekher text and music Mark Warshawski

note: verses in italics are not included on Lider Fun Amol

1) Tayere Malke                               Dearest Malke

Gezunt zolstu zayn!                          May you be healthy

Gis on in bekher,                             Pour into my wine cup,

In bekher dem vayn                         Into my wine cup, the wine

Bim bom, bom bim bom…

2) Fun dem dozikn bekher                From this very wine cup

Er glantst azoy sheyn                        It shines so beautifully

Hot getrunken mayn zeyde,              My grandfather drank

Mayn zeyde aleyn                              My grandfather himself

3) Geven shlekhte tsaytn                          There have been bad times

Vi s’makht zikh a mol                                Now and then

Nor dem bekher hot er gehaltn                  But he kept the wine cup

Ayzn un shtol                                            “Iron and steel” 

                                                                 [Come hell or high water]

4) Er hot mesameakh geven di kinder        He rejoiced with his children

Bakent iz dos dir                                        As you well know

Funem tatn iz der bekher                           From my father, the wine cup

Gekumen tsu mir                                       Came to me

5) Tayere Malke                                            Dearest Malke

Gezunt zolstu zayn!                                      May you be healthy

Far vemen zol ikh trinken                              To whom should I drink

Dem dozikn vayn?                                          This wine?

6) Lekhayim vil ikh trinken                  I will drink “To life!”

Far dem pintele yid                             To the spark within every Jew

Vos mutshet zikh tomid                      That always has courage

Un vert keyn mol mid                          And never becomes tired

7) Lekhayim vil ikh trinken                  I will drink “To life!”

Un take on an ek                                  Really, without an end

Far di vos zaynen geforn                       For those who gone

Oyf eybik avek                                      Eternally gone away

8) Ikh volt trinken far mayne sonim        I will drink to my enemies

Nor zog zey nit oys!                             We shouldn’t speak of them!

Kuk, trern shpritsn fun bekher,       Look, tears splash from the cup

Fun bekher aroys                              Out of the cup

9) Zingt hekher un hekher                 Sing louder and louder

Got, Du bist groys                              “God, You are great”

Bahalt, Malke, dem bekher                  Take the cup, Malke

Dos lidl iz oys!                                    The little song is done!