Arum Dem Fayer Around the Campfire traditional

I love to close a gathering with this song. No matter the time, the place, or the weather, by the time we’ve sung together our circle has become warm and glowing. I’ve chosen to open the CD with Arum Dem Fayer, to welcome everyone into the circle. This song introduces Lider Fun Amol in a very special way, because it features the elders of our impromptu singing group, Max Pressman and Shoshana Salamon, singing with my children, Shlomo and Sunny Enkin Lewis. 

Instead of “Mirn freylekh tantsn“, we dance happily, Shoshana sings “Khalutsim tantsn” “Zionist pioneers dance”– for her, this song is connected to her life in Israel in the 1940’s.

Arum dem fayer              Around the campfire

Mir zingen lider               We sing songs

Di nakht iz tayer              The night is sweet

Me vert nit mider              We don’t get tired

Un zol der fayer                And if the fire

Farloshn vern                    Goes out

Shaynt oyf der himl           The heavens shine

Mit zayne shtern                With their stars

To kroynt di kep                So crown our heads

Mit blumen-kranstn           With flower garlands

Arum dem fayer                  Around the fire

Mirn freylekh tantsn            We’ll dance happily

Vayl tants un lider               Since dance and songs

Iz undzer lebn                     Are our life

Dernokh in shlof                 And then in sleep

Khaloymes shvebn              We spin dreams