Lider Fun Amol — The Song Circle — The Singers

Lider Fun Amol’s song circle was recorded in the synagogue of the Simkin Centre – Sharon Home by Don Benedictson with the assistance of Max Becker-Golden.

The song circle was a generous, warm and talented group of volunteer singers. Some brought years of experience speaking Yiddish, some brought experience in folk choirs and synagogues, and some were new to the language and the songs. In one long session, we ran through songs, heard remembered and improvised harmonies, and laughed and sang together. Warm thanks to the singers:

Alon Weinberg                        Lynne Trachtenberg               Ruth Lehmann

Bonnie Hoffer-Steiman           Marci Friedman Hamm          Sara Arenson

Fay Sasson                              Mark Jenkins                         Shlomo Enkin Lewis

Jerry Moscovitch                     Max Pressman                       Shoshana Salamon

Jessie Taylor                           Michael Eskin                         Sunny Enkin Lewis

Lisa Taylor                              Paulette Weiss                       Vivian Gutstadt